Conference: Central Europe towards Sustainable Building

24. - 26. Sep 2007
Czech Technical University
Prague, CZ



CESB 07 PRAGUE Conference is organized by CSBS iiSBE Czech in collaboration with the Centre for Integrated DEsign of Advanced Structures (CIDEAS) of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague.

Content Description

The CESB 07 PRAGUE Conference is a part of a 2007 international conference series organized by iiSBE in different regions of the world. The main focus of these conferences is design and construction of sustainable buildings. The Prague CESB 07 - Central Europe towards Sustainable Building conference intents to cover primarily the regions of Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

The main goal of the conference is to provide an important focus for sustainable building in these countries, and will also create a comprehensive overview from the Central European region for the global SB08 Conference, which will be held in Melbourne, Australia, in September 2008.


  • Economy, policy and legislation
  • Assessment methods
  • Education and information
  • Building design
  • Internal environment
  • External environment
  • Energy
  • Materials


Participant Information

Contact Address

Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague
Thakurova 7, Prague
Czech Republic