Transfer of results of the program "Factory of Tomorrow" into the target groups of energy managers and energy consultants

Transfer of results of the program "Factory of Tomorrow" with respect to energy efficiency and increased adoption of renewable energy technologies into the target groups of internal energy managers and external energy consultants. The transfer activities include carrying out a one-day-seminar twice and the preparation of freely available training materials.

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Within the framework of the programme „Fabrik der Zukunft“ several research projects were carried out with the goal of reaching a considerable increase in energy efficiency as well as an enhanced use of renewable energies within enterprises (both in the manufactoring and the services sector). Internal energy officers („Energiemanager“), supported by professional external energy consulting, play a key role in the implementation of measures for an increase of energy efficiency in enterprises.

The goal of the project TRAENER is to transfer Fabrik der Zukunft-results with respect to energy efficiency and renewable energies to enterprises by enabling the target groups of internal energy officers and the energy consultants an easier access to these Fabrik der Zukunft-results.

First of all, a screening of relevant Fabrik der Zukunft-projects was conducted and the respective project managers were contacted. The result of the screening was to concentrate the transfer on two thematic strands: Use of solar thermal applications in enterprises (Fabrik der Zukunft-project „PROMISE“), reduction of standby losses and use of energy management systems in enterprises (Fabrik der Zukunft-project “Abschaltbare Fabrik”).

Two “transfer seminars” were held, the first on 26th of January, 2010, in Vienna, the second on 23rd of March, 2010, in Salzburg. In total, more than 50 people participated in the two seminars. The participants were mainly energy consultants (for enterprises), internal energy and environmental officers or active in education.

The two seminars followed the same procedure: After two introductory presentations followed two technical lectures on the above mentioned thematic strands of “Fabrik der Zukunft” (Solar thermal applications, reduction of standby losses and use of energy management systems in enterprises). The afternoon of the seminars was organized as a workshop. In this workshop questions regarding the integration of the presented contents in different educational programmes, practical relevance of the presented contents and selection of appropriate forms of transfer were discussed.

Transfer of the Fabrik der Zukunft-results took also place in two sustainability-workshops of the Austrian beverage industry organized by the project partner “Energieinstitut der Wirtschaft”: on 2nd September, 2009, in Attnang-Puchheim (company Spitz), speaker: Werner Schöfberger on “Abschaltbare Fabrik”; and on 18th March, 2010, in the brewery Göss, speaker: Werner Weiss and Christoph Brunner on the “possibilities of solar thermal applications in the commercial area, especially in breweries”. The placement of the speakers at these events came about through the project TRAENER. Furthermore, a collection of materials was created within the project. This collection of materials is divided into the following parts:

  • Solar thermal applications in enterprises
  • Standby losses in enterprises/ Energy management systems for enterprises
  • Optimizing the use of thermal energy in enterprises
  • Further materials

For each part a collection of relevant documents (reports, guidlines, tools) exists that partly comes directly from “Fabrik der Zukunft” and is partly closely related to Fabrik der Zukunft-projects (e.g. arises from follow-up projects). These documents are briefly described in an accompanying document and for each part exists a collection of “Frequently Asked Questions”. The accompanying document is constructed in such a way that by using hyperlinks it is possible to jump directly to the documents, thus providing a navigation aid.

The collection of materials is available for download on the homepages of the project partners and is thus also available after the end of the project. The main target groups of the project (energy consultants, internal energy and environmental managers) as well as the target group of teachers / lecturers were informed of this materials collection by e-mail. The collection of materials provides supplementary material for the transfer seminars. The target group of teachers / lecturers gains through this collection the possibility to select material for their lectures and presentations.


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