"Emerging Sustainability" - Summeracademy `09 for sustainable management

"Heading towards Sustainability" is the central motto for a six-day summer academy. During July 2009 "Emerging Sustainability" will offer an inspiring and activating framework for learning how to successfully implement sustainable development in companies.

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"Heading towards Sustainability" has been the central motto for a four-day Summer Academy. During July 2009 "Emerging Sustainability" offered an inspiring and activating framework for learning how to successfully implement sustainable development in companies. Besides the essential prerequisites such as knowledge, technical procedures, methods and instruments, the academy boosted and strengthened the will for bold decisions and decisiveness of economic leaders in our economic system. Sustainable innovations require determined sustainable leadership.

The Summer Academy has been one of the only impulses known to us here in Austria, which on one hand summarised and offered results of the latest research (prepared in an application- and target audience oriented way) while developing and strengthening the personal abilities of the participants at the same time. These personal skills will assure and foster the successful application of the principles of sustainable development in business. Decisions for change in the direction of a sustainable, future oriented development require knowledge of systemic connections between economy, society and nature. However this postulates a congruent value-based attitude of the decision-maker. Nowadays large internationally successful companies send their managers and junior employees to seminars for developing a value-based organisational culture as part of their personal growth.

The Summer Academy "Emerging Sustainability" offered the following five impulses:

  • Managing sustainability
  • Sustainable leadership
  • Sustainable networking
  • Sustainable values
  • Emerging sustainability

The main goals of the Summer Academy `09 "Emerging Sustainability" have been:

  • Reworking and dispersing innovative research results of selected projects of the program "Factory of the Future" for the following three target groups:
    1. Entrepreneurs, directors, managers and junior managers
    2. Consultants to management and organisations
    3. Students (leaders of tomorrow)
  • The interface of hardware (knowledge concerning sustainable technologies, processes, etc.) with software (inspiring and motivating elements) causes personal empowerment and the strengthening of individual abilities.

Networking of future "sustainable leaders" and impulses for "sustainable leadership" has been experienced through authentic leadership personalities as speakers and participants in the Summer Academy.

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Dr. Alfred Strigl
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  • Jean Jacques Pascal / Selbstständig
  • Mag. Christian Freisleben-Teuscher / Selbstständig
  • Emmerich Weissenberger / Selbstständig

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