Door inner layers based on renewable primary products and residue

Foam bodies are produced by extrusion of renewable primary products and/or residue and then squeezed with adhesives to plates, which can be used for door inner layers.

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Doors made of wood are because of their variety of design, construction and appendix a famous product for architects and constructors. In addition to the creative aspects a lot of demands like noise and heat insulation, fire protection and protection against break-in have to be met. Also a little weight is essential for the product acceptance.

All these and a lot of further benefits like a reduction of costs for resources, production and assembling can be achieved by the use of inner layers consisting of foamed residual material. Another advantage is the achievement of an automated process of manufacture by producing a single-layer inner ply in the form of a sandwich construction for sound insulation. Last but not least a differentiation over the competition can be ensured.

For implementation of the project three granulated foamed materials of different recipes were produced and then combined each with three different adhesives pressed to boards. The foamed materials differ in their elasticity and surface texture. As adhesives were used urea-formaldehyde-glue-resin, potassium water glass and polymer latex. All experiments were conducted on the basis of experimental designs, in which varying compression and quantity of adhesives have been adjusted. In addition to the characterisation of the foamed materials a lot of mechanical properties of the boards like core temperature, coating weight per unit area, dimensional stability, comprehensive and transverse tensile strength were tested. The results of the experiments were evaluated statistically with experimental design and the effects of compression and quantity of adhesives were measured. Concerning the application in special doors the findings show a particular suitability of the elastic foam granules and of the boards, which are glued with latex. Therefore these combinations were used for the production of prototypes of doors. In the course of this the processability of the boards with machines of the wood-working industry were tested.

Thereby could be noticed, that all of the boards can be used for inner-layers and further measures for optimisation should be considered.

The previous results legitimate the continuation of the development work, because the properties of the inner layer regarding acoustic insulation and fire protection are promising.

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Ing. Johann Wagenhofer

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  • Dr. Norbert Mundigler, IFA Tulln
  • DI (FH) Rainer Bittermann, IFA Tulln
  • Sonja Hofer, Fachschule Wr.Neustadt/Tulln
  • Ing. Richard Ludwig, REINEX Türen GmbH

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