Chemical modification of wood particles for high value wood plastic composites

Based on promising preliminary work feasibility and recycling strategy of the modifying process shall be evaluated economically and ecologically.

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Aim of the project is to proof the practicability of the production process of high value wood-polyolefin-composites by extrusion of modified (esp. acetylated) wood particles and polyolefins and to develop the modification process zu an entire strategy for producing high value wood-plastic-composites.

Based on preliminary work in the field of acetylating monomeric lignin-model-compounds, organosolv-lignin, avicell-cellulose, solid wood and wood flour with isopropenyl-acetate, the project shall point out the feasibility of different wood-modification-processes and the fabrication of concrete products (see projectproposal "FdZ-3. AS wood plastic moulding").

The project steps are desrcibed in the following:

  • Status quo an drawing out the experimental design
  • Acetylating of wood particles with isopropenyl-acetate (optimization)
  • Acylation of wood particles with long-chain anhydrides
  • Modification of wood particles by impregnation with hydrophobic compounds
  • Production of wood plastic composite - test pieces
  • Evaluation of the mechanical properties of the composites and based on this results property-profiles can be developed
  • Chemical and physical tests of the fibre/matrix composite. Estimation of fibre decomposition by modification and processsing
  • Scaling up, first implementation of modification processs in pilot stations for cost estimation and having enough material for subsequent pilot station scale production-processes
  • Evaluation of modification processes, cost analysis and final results

Project results are on the one hand the evaluation of the different modification-processes, and on the other hand the effect of the processing on product properties, which where appropriate by networking with the project "FdZ-3. AS wood plastic moulding" will lead to marketable products.

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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Robert Putz
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  • Upper Austrian Research GmbH
    Dr. Wolfgang Stadlbauer
    Harald Ladner

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