Konferenz: Going Green - CARE INNOVATION 2010 Conference and Exhibition on Electronics and the Environment

8. - 11. Nov 2010
Konferenzzentrum Schönbrunn
Wien, AT

Throughout the world Going Green - CARE INNOVATION 2010 is the only event, where experts from the electr(on)ics, automotive, electricity, chemical and recycling industry as well as consulting and public authorities set the course for future trends in technologies, markets and sustainability.


The International CARE Electronics Office in collaboration with several sponsors and partners such as:

EPEAT, Green Electronics Council, ISL, Microsoft, Panasonic, ZeroWIN, dataservgroup, earn, Greentronics, HP, hydroWEEE, iNEMI, Elektronik, END Europe, E-Scrap News, Infomediu Europe and STAR ALLIANCE.

Content Description

The Conference program will feature the latest in environmental design, clean manufacturing, energy-efficiency, climate change, new eco-efficient technologies, collection, reverse logistics/trade-in, refurbishment, carbon trading, re-use, remarketing, recycling and policy making from leading experts in industry, academia, consulting, recyclers and public area around the globe.

Due to the intense co-operation with the IEEE Computer Society's Technical Committee on Sustainable Systems and Technology (USA), the Union of EcoDesigners (Japan) and the International Society of Industrial Ecology, the international character of the event is very high.


The main topics of the Conference are

  • Market-driven developments: Economic forces driving industry towards sustainablity!
  • Technology-driven developments: New high-tech products need to be ecologically consicous!
  • End-of-Life-driven developments: Towards remarketing, repair, re-use, refubishment, upgrading and recycling!
  • Legislation driven developments: Impacts of WEEE, RoHS, EuP, REACH, ...
  • Climate change & Energy-efficiency
  • Industrial Ecology

For detailed information regarding the program please visit the conference website.

Target Audience

The majority of participants will be

  • siness managers, product managers, design engineers and environmental experts from leading electr(on)ic and automotive companies as well as from enterprises active in the field of electricity generation and distribution from America, Asia and Europe
  • management and engineering representatives from the recycling industry, component and material suppliers, chemical industry and financial institutes
  • Attendees from governments, public authorities, associations, leading universities and research organizations from all around the globe.

Participant Information

For further information regarding the event please visit the conference website.

For registration please use the online conference registration form.

Contact Address

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