Technology transfer for market introduction of multifunctional photovoltaic solar façade systems

Technology and know how transfer for market introduction of multifunctional photovoltaic solar façade systems. Constructional engineering, integration into the buildings´ energy system, economy. Design of an information website and accompanying target group work.

Short Description




Initial situation

The growing application of building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) is, apart from inadequate economic conditions, failing mostly because of a knowledge deficit of architects and property developers.

Matters and objectives

Aim of this project was to edit the know-how concerning the realisation of BIPV and to make this knowledge public on a website. The possibilities of this technology should be communi¬cated by public relations and be integrated in the educations of the curriculars of the participant colleges of higher education. Relevant players of architecture and building should be identified, targeted and inspired for building integrated photovoltaics.

Methodic procedure

  • Literature screening, realisation and evaluation of questionnaires
  • Creation of technical detail drawings, building simulation
  • Realisation of a web based information platform
  • PR and media (press releases, e-mailings, brochure, info-cards)
  • Presentations and speeches during subject specific events
  • Conception and realisation of an BIPV information event


The information platform (online since June 16th 2009) communicates BIPV know-how concerning basic principles, profitability, architecture and realisation. Detail drawings for different façades and roofs haven been created, completed with descriptive information and allocated on

Besides the technical realisation the norms, specifications and guidelines, as well as the administrative procedure concerning BIPV have been researched. Via building simulations the profitability of a BIPV application compared to conventional façades has been identified.

Furthermore a supplier data base, a classification of BIPV projects and instruction material have been realised and integrated in the website. Via PR and media, e-mailings, info-cards and a brochure BIPV has been broached and established in the target groups.

By the end of the project (editorial deadline: 19.11.2009) more then 40 media reports have been published and up to 3.000 visitors per month benefited from the information offered on the website. The info-hotline handles requests concerning varying BIPV topics respectively concrete building projects.

The project content has been integrated in the curriculars of colleges of higher education and has been presented on several expert's meeting. The "solar architecture i-vent" (11.09.2009), attended by over 230 persons completed the know how transfer and allowed important networking.

Project Partners

Project management

DI Dr. Dieter Hornbachner,
HEI Consulting GmbH

Project or cooperation partner

  • DI Dr. Arne Ragossnig, FH Burgenland GmbH
  • Mag. Sascha Nemecek, WIENFLUSS
  • DI Michael Stenitzer, WIENFLUSS
  • Mag. Franz Tragner, tatwort GmbH
  • Mag.a Karin Giselbrecht, tatwort GmbH
  • DI Tania Berger, Donau-Universität Krems
  • DI Christoph Putz, p_c Fassadenplanung
  • DI Wolfgang Gollner, Dr. Pfeiler GmbH

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Diana Köbrunner
HEI Consulting GmbH
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