Direct feeding system for biogas plants

The aim of this project is to develop an energy- and cost-saving direct feeding system for biogas plants, which deals with differing types of substrates and sizes of plants. Furthermore it solves previous logistical problems.

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There is large improvement and development need of the present feeding systems for biogas plants, since the existing plants don't meet the required criteria such as profitability, possibility to feed all or particular kinds of substrates and transportation logistics.

The goal of this project was therefore the development of not only a universal feeding system, and a system which offers specific solutions for each biogas plant.

From our experiences we know that plant operators have different requirement profiles and objectives and put top priority on the technology of the feeding mechanism. Due to many conversations with the professional guild, you could tell a trend to two different feeding systems.

Option A:

  • fully automatic feeding technology (suitable for all substrates)
  • suitable for all sizes of biogas plants from 250 kW - 2.0 MW
  • modular design
  • containers are established locally

Option B:

  • sliding floor system for chaffed substrates (corn, grass)
  • suitable for all sizes of biogas plants
  • container made of concrete

Particularly in Germany, Italy as well as Eastern Europe there is a trend to simple feeding systems, because in these regions mostly chaffed substrates are used. Because of optimal climatic conditions its possible for plant operators to use only those kinds of substrates.

Due to the enormous price rise at the raw material sector, however, also a process of rethinking takes place in favour for the use of alternative energy plants. Particularly grass and so-called intermediate fruits should replace corn and grain.

With the projects "Proof of Concept" and "Prototype" all objectives for the pushing wall, which is passable with motor vehicles, were implemented. Also within the project "sliding floor system" all expectations and objectives could be achieved.

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Reinhard Metzger
MARATON Maschinenbau GmbH

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