Direct feeding system for biogas plants

The aim of this project is to develop an energy- and cost-saving direct feeding system for biogas plants, which deals with differing types of substrates and sizes of plants. Furthermore it solves previous logistical problems.

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There is large improvement and development need of the present feeding systems for biogas plants, since the plants which were recently built exhibit a higher efficiency and therefore require higher demands of the feeding systems.

The goal of this project is to optimize the functionality of direct feeding systems of biogas plants. Through a pushing system an energy- and cost-saving direct feeding system can be ensured.

The plant is driven by a hydraulic aggregate, requiring - depending on the stage of expansion of the feeding system from 11 kW. The main advantages are low energy consumption and the possibility of feeding a broader range of substrates with a pushing mechanism directly into the digester. This technology is suitable also for biogas plants, which have more than 500 kW electricity installations bringing a simultaneous increase in efficiency.

The pushing mechanism is steered by four feed cylinders and lateral locking cylinders, which make an exact dosage of the substrates possible.

Furthermore the new system provides a logistical solution, due to the pushing mechanism the container is compatible with many models of vehicles, trailers and even trucks, therefore all kinds of substrates can be fed.

With the milling cutter (optional) led on two racks and with an overall length of 3300 mm all kinds of substrates can be brought in proportioned into the fermenter.

Transportation problems associated with conventional steel tanks are negated as these solid containers are established locally. This offers a higher logistical benefit, particularly for those involved in exporting.

With the projects Proof of Concept and the prototype we realised all objectives for the pushing wall.

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