Pioneer region for Smart Grids in Vorarlberg:
Smart Grid Biosphere Park "Großes Walsertal"

The Biosphere Park Großes Walsertal is a region in Vorarlberg with a representative course of the energy demand. In wintertime, due to tourism and winter sport, a lot of energy is needed whereas in summertime the supply of energy is higher than the demand.

Further in Vorarlberg a lot of small hydroelectric power plants are installed, so there are difficulties to stabilize the supply voltage. That is the cause why nowadays in Vorarlberg no further small hydro plants could be integrated into the grid, although there is a potential. As part of the project concepts for an active distribution of the load should be implemented. For that, different approaches are tested in relation to their economical and technical efficiencies.The examined concepts allow a control of the supply voltage and an integration of other participants of the grid.

In the whole demonstration grid, there are 16 measurement sections installed, which note the supply voltage and send them to the control centre, where the relevant control mechanism should be activated.

Smart Grids at the Biosphere Park Großes Walsertal (german)(Source: illwerke VKW)