Transnationale Ausschreibung zu Photovoltaik Netzintegration

Bis 15. Jänner können Einreichungen durch Projektkonsortien erfolgen.

Das BMVIT hat gemeinsam mit europäischen Partnerprogrammen eine Ausschreibung zum Thema "Photovoltaik Netzintegration" im Rahmen von PV ERA-Net geöffnet. Österreichische Partner sind in den Projektkonsortien sehr willkommen! Einreichschluss für Projektskizzen ist der 15. Jänner 2010.

Themen der Ausschreibung (engl:)

The PV+ Grid call is a dedicated call on simulation and modelling of high penetration of PV in grids, eventually as a precursor for actual demonstrations, focussing on one of the topic areas of the European Strategic Research Agenda "New concepts for stability and control of electrical grids at high PV penetration".

Subjects addressed are

  • Technical and economical simulation and modelling of high penetration of PV systems and components in electricity grids as well as in the whole electricity system including demand side.
  • Development and demonstration of information and communication technologies (ICT) related to high penetration of PV systems in grids (new inverter functionality and communication).
  • Pre-normative studies of high penetration of PV systems in grids, as the gap between R&D and practical applications hinders the release of standards and leaves regulatory issues to be inadequately addressed. Topics covered are: management and coordination of information exchange, collection of existing information and standards, definition of grid codes, development of standards for performance, energy rating and safety aspects for PV modules and components.

Proposals can encompass any combination of the above subjects. The goal is to initiate innovative and cooperative projects in the field of high penetration of PV systems in grids.

Weitere Informationen

Detaillierte Informationen und die Einreichunterlagen finden sie auf der Website des transnationalen Calls "PV+ Grid".


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