Film "S-HOUSE - Schiestlhaus - Renaissance of Clay"

This documentary describes the construction of two unique buildings that were established as a result of the newest research work of the initiative "Building of tomorrow" of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology.
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  • The S-HOUSE needs ten times less energy and fossile/mineral resources than a traditional building by intelligent combination of passive house standard, insulation with straw as well as use of clay.
  • The Schiestlhaus is an alpine refuge (on 2154 m), that was established under extreme climatic conditions as a highly energy efficient passive house in island position.
  • The TV documentary "Renaissance of Clay" demonstrates advantages and modern use of clay as a building material that was nearly fallen into oblivion: available almost everywhere and unproblematic in disposal, clay regulates interior humidity and produces a better and healthier room climate.

Trailer: Film "S-HOUSE - Schiestlhaus - Lust auf Lehm" (in German)

Trailer Schiestlhaus (in German)