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Between research institutions and the economic system the way has been paved to initiate joint R&D projects. Common research activities have been initiated and intensified to be able to position local companies in international niche markets for photovoltaics.

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The global growing PV market presents an outstanding opportunity for the Austrian industry to become a successful producer of products and by-products of the Photovoltaic technology.

Austria's industry in Photovoltaic sees mainly PV building integration as well as integration into electricity networks as one of their specific assets in the international context, which enables to take part in a clear and significant way at the world wide booming PV markets. Up to now, about 4.400 persons are employed in Austria's PV industry, the potential is much higher; a comparison with Germanys prognosis for 2020 (which are 200.000 direct employees) can serve as a good basis. (German F&E Roadmap for PV, BMU 2008).


  1. The huge potential of the Austrian industry to take part in the globally booming PV market should be made visible, based on founded studies and analysis. Decision makers should become aware of these potentials. (AP1)
  2. A further goal of this project is the establishment of a well working platform built of the main players in PV industry and research, aiming at the definition of optimized the frame-conditions in Austria for innovation and research in the PV sector. These frame conditions are dependent on various factors like qualification of potential staff (meets the education in Austria the demand of the PV industry?), Cooperation with Universities and other research institutes, access to support mechanism, stability of the home market as well as other factors. Making this transparent is a first step to propose improved frame conditions. This project is further aiming at drafting a concept for a continuously managed national PV research program. The successful example of the Swiss PV research program will serve as best practice. (AP 2 and 4)
  3. Joint research activities should be initiated between Research and industry, in order to durable establish national PV industry at the global PV market. For an international visibility of an Austrian PV industry the collaboration of the main stakeholders in Austria is essential. Joint development of research ideas with a focus on PV building integration will intensify this cooperation. Support mechanism for joint research projects will be found at national and European research programs. (AP 3)

Project Partners

Project management

DI Hubert Fechner
FH Technikum Wien

Project or cooperation partner

  • Energisch (PV Austria - Bundesverband)
  • Arsenal Research (Austrian Institute of Technology)
  • TU Wien - EEG
  • Kioto Photovoltaics
  • Isovolta
  • Ulbrich
  • Ertex-Solar
  • Fronius

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FH Technikum Wien, Institut für Erneuerbare Energie
DI Hubert Fechner
Giefinggasse 6, A-1210 Wien
Tel.: +43 (1) 333 40 77-572