SOL4 business and training center Eichkogel

Demonstration project for sustainable construction of a working and living environment


Short Description




SOL4 is an exemplary pilot project in a new semi-urban district for the sustainable construction of a working and living environment. The building complex serves as a business and training centre, as well as a centre of competence for advanced standards in ecological development, construction and workplace design. It is currently the largest passive solar office building in Austria. The skills and experience from a broad range of the project partners and associates were brought together in a common infrastructure and seminar programme for tenants. The resulting living and working environment includes relax areas and other social spaces.

The technologies and design objectives implemented in the project sought to maximise "green" surfaces (e.g., green roof systems, open infiltration surfaces, etc.). Special attention was paid to using the latest developments of environmentally friendly construction materials as extensively as possible. The facility's energy management system optimises ventilation and air conditioning by means of a closed-loop heat distribution circuit with ground-coupled and ventilation heat exchangers. Passive cooling is enabled by concrete core activation in the panels of the roof construction. The grid-tied photovoltaic system provides electricity to cover the remaining energy demands of the mechanical systems. Finally, SOL4's overall ecological performance is being monitored and continually analysed with total quality assessment methods.

Project Partners

Project manager: Ing. Johannes Stockinger MSc
  • Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und öklogie GmbH
  • Ökobau Cluster


  • Geschäftsleitung:
    Bmst. Ing. Klausjürgen Kiessler
    Tel: +43 (2236) 44004
  • Projektleitung technisch:
    Ing. Johannes Stockinger
    Tel: +43 (2236) 22404-71
  • Projektleitung finanziell:
    Gregor Doninger
    Tel.: +43 (2236) 44004-77