Refurbishment of a housing complex to passive-house standard, Graz - Dieselweg

Refurbishment of the former "Puch-Siedlung", built as a housing area for employees of the company "Puch", in Graz Liebenau, in the period from the 1950s to 1970s, as an exemplary model for a refurbishment in "passive house standard" with special thoughtfulness to the tenants. "From domestic fuel to solar self sufficiency"

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Starting Point / Motivation

Built in the period from 1950 to 1970, the 204 flats within 4 storey buildings without elevators, were provided with a roomheating based on electricity, oil and coal. At this time the CO2 emission was 700t/a, and the energy key data was between 142 and 255 kWHh/m²a. GIWOG bought the settlement in the year 2007 with the aim to reduce the energy consumption in big scale and to eliminate the domestic fuel and respirable dust emission.

Contents and Goals

The solution from GIWOG was a combination from thermal insulation and solar energy production, groundwater heat pump, supported by a pressure less storage technology and heat regaining fresh air supply. The result was the elimination of the harmful substances and a much better air quality to release the inhabitants.

Methods of Treatment

The loss of heat was minimized by a solar façade, covering the houses by glass, wood and a cardboard comb with integrated passive house windows and ventilation canals. Large scale solar collectors and a groundwater heat pump with a pressure less storage tank were installed. The heating line and the hot water feeding were built into the former outside wall (“climate wall”). Also the cellar ceiling and the attic ceiling were insulated. Every living room was supplied with a heat regaining fresh air appliance. Monitoring the heat consumption operating the heat production can be done by the internet. Other important points in the project were the annex for the elevators, the integration of the former balconies in the living room area and first of all the participation of the inhabitants.

Expected Results / Conclusiones

GIWOG comes up to a reduction of the thermal energy consumption (old energy key data 142 to 255 kWHh/m²a, new energy key data: from 9,6 to 13,6 kWh/m²a). and the costs for heat- and warm water for more than 90% and reached a high acceptance of the inhabitants.

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GIWOG - Gemeinnützige Industrie-Wohnungs-AG

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