Excursions "Building of Tomorrow live"

Under the project "Building of tomorrow live" over a year long several excursions to "Building of tomorrow" demonstration projects and other passive houses were organised. Sightseeing opportunities were surveyed, updated several times and published on the web.

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"Building of Tomorrow" projects are very often target of excursions. The experience shows that the number of visitors is steadily increasing. That is very gratifying for the transfer of the information, but on the other hand this can be a burden for the inhabitants and project operators.

The project "Building of Tomorrow Live" helped to guarantee the proper handling of the excursions. Additionally, due to the large demand further projects were incorporated in the excursion program. These projects were usually using components in were developed framework of the program "Building of Tomorrow".

In consultation with project operators and residents different options for excursion were developed, and details (e.g. tour costs, etc.) clarified. The details of the visits change regularly, so they were put on www.oekonews.at in the current lists, and linked into an article on www.oekonews.at. The website www.oekonews.at is biggest website in Austria for news stories on energy and sustainability and can be very quickly updated.

With the efforts of this project the excursions to the "Building of Tomorrow" were a delight for the visitors and not a strain for the residents and owners.

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