Demoobject energy-autarkic solarplant

Within the project at hand a production plant with store house and offices had been constructed. It serves as a reality testing field for long-term measurement of components and systems developed in previous projects. It serves for the demonstration of innovative energy systems and components for the interested public and for experts.

Short Description




Starting point / motivation

A new solar panel production plant has to be engineered including storage und office spaces of 18.000 m² size. The point of development is the effort, to have zero emission and a fully energy autark process for the whole plant.

All techniques regarding energy are focused on reduction of energy consumption und its generation out of renewable energy sources.

The demonstration building includes many technical components and systems, which were engineered through 3 several development projects beside the demonstration building.


  • Passive house standard building with extreme tight cover. Absolutely new volume building!
  • Earth beyond the building is used as a energy storage.
  • Solar cooling in connection with a highly integrated hydraulic energy cascade.
  • Development of a new electronic controlling system for the energy transmission and storage.
  • The building is engineered in a wood concept with a thermal highly balanced behavior.
  • The use of synergy effects at all components and its functions is an objective. E.g. the use of water in fire-emergency tanks for heat storage items.


Like explained, all developments of systems and components, have to be tested in real conditions. Thus is given by realizing the project 817 619.

The general project is divided into 3 development projects for components and systems (817 623, 817 618 und 815 812) and the demo building at last (817 619).


All measured results are in line with the expected und simulated temperatures. Even in winter 2010/2011 extra heating was not necessary in the building. But we have to note, that in some times temperatures have been at lows round about 16°C.

The biggest amount of difference between measurement and simulation comes out of unexpected opening of doors in the area of storaging.

The proof of tightness of the building was done by a so called „blower-door-test“. A factor of 0,08 for the internal air volume change at 50 pascal pressure difference war measured.

The earth storage tank leads to a heating volume of 6 W/m² in January 2011, which means 100.000 Watts for the whole plant surface.

In the other way we can see a cooling effect by 15 W/m² in summer by the surface in the direction form plant internal volume to earth storage.

Finally we can say, that the seal-system for the building including doors, windows and connecting ports were fully successful developments. Also the air controlling systems including energy regenerating systems were great and successful new developments.

Prospects / Suggestions for future research

The new lightning concepts, which turns all shed- constructions in the direction south is a good decision bringing in energy and light also in winter.

For further buildings the surface should be optimized by another 50%.

As a general result we have to summarize, that all planning, organization and realized tightness of the building lead to success.

The energy flows from and out of the earth storage system beyond the building is strongly influenced by the air temperature above the ground floor of the plant.

An extra heating through the winter is no further necessity.

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