Booklet issued by Building of Tomorrow with about 20 practical passive house thermal bridges free connection details for large-volume residential buildings

In particular, for buildings with very low energy consumption on heating the influence of heat bridges have a special value. Since in passive house construction a largely heat bridge free execution is required, the most frequent and significant heat bridges are collected in a booklet.

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Initial situation / motivation

Thermal-bridges free construction is an essential key to avoid structural damages in buildings. This is particularly true for construction and renovation of Passive houses. However, there is still demand for solutions in the construction industry, in practice such as in training to avoid thermal bridges. This gap should be closed in this research project.

For "Building of Tomorrow" demonstration projects various innovative solutions have been developed to avoid thermal bridges. The resulting experience will be evaluated and those details showing a positive result shall be made available to a broader user group.

Content / Objectives

Content of the project is a comprehensive collection of proven, practical Passive house details for larger residential buildings. For this, details developed in "Building of Tomorrow" demonstration projects are screened by the project team, aspects of building physics - such as humidity, noise and heat - and practicality are reviewed.

Those details with positive results were documented in a special publication. The aim of the project is to provide architects, planners and builders, as well as students with reviewed solutions for building without thermal bridges and to improve construction quality and contribute to energy efficiency.

Methodical approach

The six work packages serve as a methodological project and implementation plan, with the individual work packages, according to the actual implementation to be adjusted.


Final report by Building of Tomorrow (in German) with about 20 practical passive house thermal bridges free connection details for large-volume residential buildings, available as PDF Download at the German description of the project (to get there click on the German project title on top of the side).

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