ABC - DisposaL - Assessment of Building and Construction - Disposal LCA Indicators for the disposal performance of construction

A framework of assessment for the disposal of building materials, constructions and buildings will be developed. The results will be included in the OI3-indicator and in the building assessment tool Total Quality Building. Demonstration projects of the programme Building of Tomorrow will be assessed with the new method.

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Every year close to 7.8 mio. tons of construction waste must be handled in Austria. This amount represented in 2007 23 % of the total national disposal (excluding ground excavation). Particularly this waste fraction has great recycling potential which is largely unused. Beside, building generates large material stores and affords the biggest material inputs of all economic sectors (40 %).

The aim of this study is to develop a method for the assessment of buildings' disposal properties. This method should be used in the early planning phase of building design, and applied for

  • OI3 Indicator
  • ECOSOFT (Software for the calculation of the OI3 Indicator)
  • Total Quality Building certification
  • klima:aktiv building standard for commercial buildings

Data of mass balances of buildings may also be used for building certificates, as demanded by the “Bundesabfallwirtschaftsplan”.

In this study “disposal” defines all options for the treatment of construction waste (reuse, recycling, energetic utilization, disposal).

Based on the properties of construction materials and on how they are connected to each other, scenarios for dismantling, the resulting number of fractions and resulting disposal options and -processes are worked out. Corresponding mass balances are assessed both quantitatively (by life cycle assessments - LCA) and qualitatively (by a value matrix).

Results are

  • LCA-indicators for the disposal of buildings and
  • Assessments of mass balances of the disposal fractions using a 4 level scale. Results are presented separately for disposal, combustion and recycling.

Results for the assessed buildings show that

  • the qualitative assessment is dominated by mineral construction waste (due to huge amounts of this fraction, even in the case of wooden buildings)
  • impact categories of the LCA are in general not sensitive to disposal processes, except the global warming potential which mainly reflects thermal utilization of construction materials.

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Mag. Hildegund Mötzl
IBO - Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und -ökologie GmbH

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Consultants from the waste management industry

  • DI Martin Car, BRV Österreichischer Baustoff-Recycling Verband, Karlsg. 5, 1040 Wien
  • Ing. Günter Gretzmacher, Oekotechna, Waldmühlgasse 31, 2380 Perchtoldsdorf
  • Ing. Thomas Cechovsky, AVE-Zentrale, Wildpretstraße 25, 1110 Wien

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Mag. Hildegund Mötzl
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