Green. Building. Solutions.

28. July - 18. August 2013
Vienna, AT

Summer University: First hand ecological knowledge and engineering expertise bundled in a three-week program in the capital of energy efficient building: Vienna. Think sustainable, take care of your future - now.

Content Description

Comfortable living – summer and winter – without energy intense heating or cooling systems? Fresh air without temperature loss? “Passivhaus” is the leading standard for energy efficient building solutions. The investment is evened out rapidly by cutting operating cost by 9/10th and makes its inhabitants independent from rising energy prices and fossil fuels. And: its’ profitability and environmental viability turns it into an opportunity for specialized architects.

Austria is the pioneer in Passivhaus-Technology: 3,2 Mio m² of floor space out of 7,0 Mio m² in whole Europe are found here.
Managing the increased need of specialized skills in planning and execution can be handled through substantiated advanced training. This program is your chance to step into this building standard of the future already today and become a first mover in the growing market of energy efficient building.

It offers an introduction and outlook of sustainable architecture as well as sustainable urban development and planning while presenting leading examples. You will find an overview of green building rating systems and learn about ecological building materials and renewable resources in order to understand buildings over their life-cycle. With the integration of renewable energies into building concepts you will grasp the concept of the Passivhaus. 

  • Learn from the best: acquire cutting-edge skills from an Austrian consortium of six universities, 38 experts and the Austrian Passivhaus Union (IG Passivhaus) in an interdisciplinary setting
  • Best practice at hand: connect theoretical knowledge and practical expertise right on site
  • Try it yourself: enjoy to live in a Passivhaus
  • Benefit your clients: your skills for healthy, cozy and efficient constructing and living
  • Engage in intercultural learning: get involved in the group dynamics with international colleagues
  • Visit Vienna‘s cultural highlights: the cultural heritage city of Vienna, a city with national parks and vineyards within the city limits, right in the heart of CENTROPE region.

Green.Buildings.Solutions. aims at creating a holistic learning experience in the field of sustainable development and has recently been awarded by the Austrian Commission for UNESCO for its contribution to the “UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development“.

Contact Address

Mag. Reinhard Jakits
INEX – The international Network for Educational Exchange
Nordwestbahnstraße 15
1090 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 (1) 31336-5523