Webinar: Demand-Controlled Ventilation in the European context

26. November 2012

Approaches in 4 countries and at EU level


International Network for Information on Ventilation and Energy Performance (INIVE EEIG)

Content Description

Because ventilation represents a very substantial part of the space conditioning energy needs, there is a growing interest in European member states for Demand-Controlled Ventilation (DCV), i.e., for strategies and systems to control the amount of air provided indoors depending on the actual needs.

The objective of this webinar is to give an overview of the approaches developed in 4 European countries to consider these systems consistently with European standards, in particular, in an energy performance regulation context.

This webinar is organized in the framework of the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre, which is operated by INIVE under the Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems implementing agreement, within the context of the International Energy Agency.


  • 10:00 Introduction and context of the Webinar
    Peter Wouters and Rémi Carrié
  • 10:10 EU Approach to demand-controlled ventilation in residences
    Marc Jardinier and Jean-Luc Savin, AERECO, France
  • 10:25 Demand-controlled ventilation in the Belgium energy performance regulation
    Jelle Laverge, Ghent University, Belgium
  • 10:40 Questions and answers
  • 10:50 Demand-controlled ventilation in Germany
    Thomas Hartmann, ITG, Germany
  • 11:05 Demand-controlled ventilation in the Dutch building ventilation market
    Willem de Gids, The Netherlands
  • 11:20 Demand-controlled ventilation in the French energy performace regulation
    Julien Piriou, CSTB, France
  • 11:35 Questions & Answers
    Chairpersons: Rémi Carrié and Samuel Caillou
  • 12:00 End of the webinar

All times local Brussels time.

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