Best-of "Building of Tomorrow" 2010

22. and 23. November 2010
Skylounge, Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO)
Vienna, AT

In the frame of this conference results and ongoing activities of the research programme "Building of Tomorrow" are going to be presented.


BMVIT - Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology

Content Description

The topics deal with international programmes and initiatives, the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive as well as energy efficiency in buildings and settlements both, in new buildings as well as refurbishment.


1st day: 22nd November 2010

  • 8.30 Arrival, coffee
  • 9.00 Opening words
    General Secretary Herbert Kasser, Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) (to be confirmed)
  • 9.15 The way to "Buildings of Tomorrow"
    Michael Paula, BMVIT
  • 9:30 Welcome by Christoph Leitl
    President of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

International Programmes and Initiatives

  • 9.45 EnEff:Stadt - "energy efficient city"
    Jürgen Gehrmann, PT Jülich, Germany
  • 10.05 Trends of Swiss energy research
    the new focal point "Living and Working of the future"
    Andreas Eckmanns, BFE, Switzerland
  • 10.25 European SMART CITIES initiative and "Urbane Europe"
    a transnational programme based on variable geometry
    Hans-Günther Schwarz, bmvit, and
    Margit Noll, AIT
  • 11. 00 Coffee break

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of Buildings

  • 11.30 The EU-Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and its implementation in Austria
    Christian Pöhn, City of Vienna
  • 11.55 "Plus-energy buildings" - criteria, definitions and guidelines
    Sonja Geier, AEE Intec
  • 12.20 Overall Sustainability in the building sector - the research initiative "Solid sustainability"
    Susanne Supper, Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT)
    Johannes Fechner, 17&4
  • 12:45 International award "Concrete for heating and cooling at low temperatures"
    Frank Huber, Zement + Beton

"Building of Tomorrow"-poster exhibition

  • 13.00 Lunch break / poster exhibition

Buildings - new buildings, renovation, monitoring

  • 14.00 Passive-house standard in multi-family housing at the example of Viennese residential buildings
    Helmut Schöberl, Schöberl & Pöll
  • 14.25 Passive-house renovation Makartstraße Linz
    Ingrid Domenig-Meisinger, arch more
  • 14.50 Monitoring results and user acceptance in "Building of Tomorrow" demonstration buildings
    Waldemar Wagner, AEE Intec, Jürgen Suschek-Berger, IFZ
  • 15.15 Coffee break

Settlements - new development, renovation, energy efficiency

  • 15.45 New and renewed urban quarters: from solarCity to Baumgarten
    Martin Treberspurg, Treberspurg & Partner Architekten
  • 16.10 Sustainable settlements seen at the example of the "Building of Tomorrow" project "aspern plus"
    Christoph Pollak, research TUb
  • 16.35 Zero Carbon Village - energy autarkic settlement
    Rudolf Bintinger, GrAT
  • 17.00 Conclusion and outlook
    Theodor Zillner, BMVIT


  • Herbert Greisberger, Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT)
  • Isabella Zwerger, BMVIT

2nd day: 23rd November 2010

  • 8:45 Meeting in the Wißgrillgasse 10, 1140 Vienna
    individual arrival by participants (tramway 52 (station Diesterweggasse), "Schnellbahn" (station Penzing), metro line U4 (station Hietzing) and 15 minutes walk)
  • 8:50 "Gründerzeit" with future: Attic development in the Wißgrillgasse, 14th district of Vienna
    Tour: Robert Gassner, Gassner + Partner; Walter Hüttler, e7
  • 9:45 Departure with bus to Purkersdorf
  • 10:15 Retrofitting of a late-nineteenth-century villa in Wienerwald to passive-house standard
    Tour: Architekt Georg W. Reinberg
  • 11:10 Departure with bus to Utendorfgasse
  • 11:30 Social Housing in passive-house standard: apartment complex Utendorfgasse
    Tour: Stefan Haertl, Heimat Österreich
  • Short trip to the Europahaus, Linzerstraße 429, 1140 Wien
  • 12:00 Presentation: Integrated planning process for the apartment complex Utendorfgasse
    Wilfried Haertl, Bauträger Heimat Österreich
  • Discussion
  • End of the excursion and individual departure by participants (tramway 49, different bus lines or metro U4 are reachable within 10 minutes walk)


Participant Information

Admission is free of charge.

Please send your registration to

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ÖGUT - Österreichische Gesellschaft für Umwelt und Technik
DI Claudia Dankl
Tel.: +43 (1) 3156393-24