Conference: World Sustainable Building (SB) Conference 2008

21. - 25. Sep 2008
Melbourne, AU

Peak gathering of the world´s leading technical experts and researchers on sustainable built environments.

Content Description

SB08 Melbourne will continue a traditional focus on technical developments and case studies. CSIRO (Australia's national research organisation), leading universities and research groups in Australia and from around the world, are all expected to release new research.

How well the research community interacts with industry and government has a significant impact on the speed of technology transfer and adoption of sustainable development concepts and technologies. A high level of engagement will guarantee that communities can enjoy liveable, viable and connected built environments through generations.

SB08 has a multifaceted program that builds strong and effective linkages across stakeholder groups to advance sustainability knowledge and practice through market and industry transformation. Site visits of leading-edge Australian commercial, residential and industrial developments are planned.


Sustainability will be a continuing goal and struggle for mankind. The interactions of our economic, environmental and social systems are complex, while technical innovations constantly change what's possible. This makes it difficult to forecast impacts - be they in business or public policy.

There is growing recognition of the importance of whole-of-life thinking (time dimension) in the performance of built assets at all levels - from individual products to buildings to urban infrastructure systems (space dimension).

Traditionally distinct disciplines, roles and responsibilities overlap. Government policymakers and regulators must consider a broad range of often competing interests and need active input from technical experts and professionals, industry and the community. Connectivity is essential. Our built environments drive human, organizational and regional productivity and contribute to national economy.

Infrastructure development that maximises its triple bottom line contributions is sought. Companies have to strive for eco-efficiency as they respond to customer demand for integrated product and services tailored to their customer's specific needs. Viability sustains positive change. Stakeholders should contribute to improved overall quality of life while minimizing adverse impacts to our Natural Capital. Sustained liveability for future generations is our challenge.

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