ISES World Congress 2003 (Göteborg, S)

14 - 19 June 2003

Swedish Exhibition and Congress Center in Göteborg, Sweden

Congress about the newest developments of solar energy


Solar Energy Association

Content Description

The ISES 2003 World Congress will be held at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Göteborg. A Scientific Technical Congress will give leading scientists, researchers, architects, engineers, and industry representatives an opportunity to meet, present, and discuss the latest developments in the field of solar and other renewable energy technologies. An Exhibition will give leading companies in the field of renewables the opportunity to present their products. Technical Tours will take the participants to a number of interesting energy installations in Sweden

The scientific conference covers all major aspects of direct and indirect use of solar energy in nine general topic areas out of which one is a specific topic on the aspects of solar energy at high latitudes (NorthSun 2003).

  1. Solar Energy and Society
  2. Solar Buildings
  3. Solar Collector Technologies
  4. PV Technologies
  5. Solar Systems and Applications
  6. Indirect Solar Technologies and Applications
  7. Resource Assessment
  8. Storage,Fuels and Chemical Processes
  9. Solar Energy at High Latitudes/Northsun 2003

Target Audience

Researchers, architects, engineers, industry representatives

Participant Information

400 $US

Contact Address

Arbeitsgemeinschaft ERNEUERBARE ENERGIE
Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien
Institute for Sustainable Technologies
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