Sustainable energy supply for Austria

Rapidly increasing energy consumption and decreasing resources of fossil fuels lead to dramatical economical, ecological and social problems.This study identified the feasible long term potential of renewable energy sources. Then ways were developed how to supply the demand for future energy consumption with renewable energy sources, despite increasing energy services.

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The necessity of a sustainable, secure energy supply is accepted by science, national and international decision makers, stakeholders and the economy. The necessity is undisputed. A lot of different scenarios of such an energy supply were already worked out.

Trend-extrapolations fail

These scenarios base on the present energy use which is dependant on the cheap disposal of fossil fuels. The energy use (by varying different parameters, e.g. oil price) is extrapolated for decades. The result: an exorbitantly high energy demand in future, which can not be satisfied by renewable energy sources. The question how to satisfy the long term energy demand is usually unanswered. Long-term, only renewable energy resources are available. Therefore the fulfilment of energy-demand must be made possible by using exclusively these sources.

New scenario-technique based on long-term availability of resources

Therefore, in this study a new approach is chosen: the long-term available energy sources are identified. The energy-services consumed in 2005 were researched and further developed under certain assumptions concerning energy efficiency, modern technology, consumer behaviour etc. Finally the potentials of renewable energy sources and these developed energy-services were linked in the sense of an energy balance. The use of efficient technology in conversion and transport was assumed. The aim of the scenarios is, to secure or improve the present energy services and the present comfort and to reduce the energy requirement for providing these services and comfort at the same time. “Energy-futures” are defined which can be maintained long term. Energy demand is consistent with energy supply by renewable energy sources.

The scenarios worked out are evaluated concerning sustainability. An optimal “energy future” is chosen.

A top-class scientific advisory board guides interdisciplinary study. Finally the results are presented and discussed with both important stakeholders and the interested public.

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Prof. Dr. Reinhold CHRISTIAN
Umwelt Management Austria

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Dipl.-Ing. Ralph Feichtinger, Rupert Christian, Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Rene Bolz
Umwelt Management Austria

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  • Univ.-Doz. DI Dr. Andreas WINDSPERGER, Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Hummel
    Institut für Industrielle Ökologie
  • Univ.-Doz. Dr. Peter WEISH, Elisabeth Pfnier
    Forum Wissenschaft & Umwelt

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