Smart Gas Grids - Intelligent Gas Networks of the Future

The basic principles of "Smart Gas Grids" will be investigated and practical issues and deployment strategies will be studied in detail. Furthermore, together with the relevant stakeholders, a "Vision- and Strategy Paper" and a draft for a "Strategic Research Agenda" will be developed.

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“SMART ENERGY NETWORKS” is one of the research topics of the FP 7 Cooperation Work Programme of the European Union. This includes electricity as well as gas networks. Due to the relevance of this research area, “Energy Systems and Networks” is also one of the main topics in the national research programme “Energy of the Future”.

Regarding smart electricity networks, several research projects have already been started on a national level. In contrast, no Austrian research institution or industry stakeholder has taken up on the “smart grids” concept on the level of the gas networks before.

Therefore, the main objectives of this fundamental study were

  • to create a shared vision of a “Smart Gas Grid”;
  • to identify and analyse the possibilities for implementing smart grid elements in the existing gas distribution networks;
  • to transfer the knowledge from other networks or markets (e.g. electricity networks, financial markets) to the gas distribution networks.

The following deliverables are now available:

  • a “Vision and Strategy Paper” for a “Smart Gas Grid” and a theoretical fundament for such an intelligent gas network ;
  • a compilation of different options for deploying singular smart grid elements in the existing gas networks;
  • a draft for a “Strategic Research Agenda”.

Furthermore, relevant R&D questions as well as possibilities for demonstration projects (“lighthouse projects”) were identified.

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DI Robert Hinterberger

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