PV Marketing

Development of quality assurance by the photovoltaic quality seal and training activities.

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This project prepared the quintessential points for a solid market tendency. Both the quality assurance of the systems by the photovoltaic quality seal, as well as the qualification of the specialists by the concept for the photovoltaic training will still strengthen the positive image of the photovoltaic and will create a long-term basis for content customers. The measures support the program "intelligent energy for Europe" in its entirety also, with which the community of states creates itself world-wide also an economical advance in new technologies.

The training program of the project "PV-Marketing" includes all ranges of the manufacture, from the idea to the finished photovoltaic system. Therefore the training was partitioned into the ranges architecture, planning, energy counselling and system installation. All involved parties are to experience the training, essential for the market readiness of photovoltaic, so that all groups can profess themselves to the demand for quality in the photovoltaic.

A priority goal of the project is that photovoltaic is characterized by the quality of the components, the quality of the systems, the environment-friendliness and the high qualification of the specialized companies. The necessary aids were created in the project and are effectively spread by the training.

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DI (FH) Gernot Becker
Bundesverband Photovoltaik Österreich
A-1030 Wien, Faradaygasse 3
Tel: +43 (0) 676-7059070
Fax: +43 (0) 050550 - 6390
E-Mail: Gernot.becker@atb-becker.com
Internet: Photovoltaic Austria

Project partners

ÖFPZ Arsenal GmbH (Werkvertragspartner)