Photovoltaic Roadmap for Austria

Development of a Photovoltaic Roadmap for Austria - a study with the intention to screen the opportunities, economical potential as well as the barriers of the promising technology Photovoltaics as basis for strategic decisions in energy relevant policies.

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Within this project a PV Roadmap for Austria was developed by arsenal research, supported by the Technical University of Vienna (Energy Economics Group). The project was financed within the Austrian framework program "energy systems of tomorrow"² .

The PV Roadmap shall give an estimation of the potentials and possibilities for PV in Austria, as well as to highlight the necessary technical and economic framework conditions. The Roadmap shall as well be able to be used as a base for future strategic Austrian energy economics and energy technology policy decisions.


No other technology within the energy sector has such impressive perspectives, which are all resulting in PV giving a significant (or even predominant) part in the electricity-mixture of the future. The rapid global development of this technology so far leaves Austria behind.

Content and objectives

As a roadmap, the aim is to show the way, how a promising technology like PV can be positioned in Austria. Final goal of the roadmap is an active role for an adaptation of the national strategies within energy economics and energy technology-policy, which results in a master plan for supporting PV in Austria. Specific niches should be defined, where Austria can become or extend a leading position in PV technology.


Existing PV roadmaps of other countries have been analysed related to transferable and adaptable aspects. In the past and until now existing focussing points, specialities and framework conditions of the development of PV in Austria have been analysed and are presented within this roadmap. For supporting the development of the PV Roadmap workshops with relevant stakeholders and a presentation at the national PV conference have been performed to gain additional inputs and discuss the scenarios and results of the roadmap.


Beside showing the global situation, the perspectives for growing efficiency and decreasing cost as well as further aspects of research, predominantly the national potential for Austria is visible. The developed vision for PV in Austria shows, what could be achieved with optimal framework conditions.

Figure 1 shows, related to the results of the roadmap, areas and niches within PV technology, where Austrian PV industry could extend or build up their position as global players.

Out of these results suggestions and recommendations for measures in Austria within the following areas have been developed:

  • Research and Development
  • Market
  • Necessary economical and organisational framework conditions.

Additionally to research specific aspects, as well international goals for growing amount of PV as input for a Vision for Austria have been discussed between the experts. The with this discussion related developed goal of 20% share of electricity by 2050, seems to be reachable, if the suggested steps of this roadmap are actively put into practice within the next future.

²The project is supported within in the framework program "Energiesysteme der Zukunft" - a cooperation of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology and the Austrian Research Promotion Agency.

Project Partners

Project management

Dipl.Ing. Hubert Fechner, MAS
arsenal research, Geschäftsfeld Erneuerbare Energie / Business Unit Renewable Energy Technologies

Project and cooperation partners

  • Energy Economics Group (EEG), Vienna University of Technology

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