Photovoltaic Power Systems - Cooperation within the scope of IEA

The "Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme" of the "International Energy Agency" (IEA) offers the world wide leading research platform in Photovoltaics. The Austrian participation at IEA PVPS is a important link to the international PV-society.

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The overall national management, participation in Task 1 (Exchange and dissemination of information on photovoltaic power systems), Task 2 (Performance, Reliability and Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems) and Task 10 (Urban scale photovoltaic applications) was performed under the Programme "Energysystems of tomorrow" of the Austrian ministry of Innovation and technology (BMVIT).

Project Partners

Project management

DI Hubert Fechner, MAS
Arsenal Research

Project and cooperation partners

Institut für elektrische Anlagen und Energiewirtschaft (EEG) (Werkvertragspartner)

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DI Hubert Fechner, MAS
Arsenal Research
Faradaygasse 3, Objekt 221, A-1030 Wien
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