Multifunctional energy solutions in tourism

Multifunctional energy solutions for the tourism-region Alpendorf: Increasing energy efficiency, use of renewables, organisation measures considering existing cooperations.

Short Description

This final report in hand should highlight the basic principles of designing the so called "Energiezentrale Alpendorf" in St. Johann in Pongau, Salzburg. Through further development and optimization of already existing cooperations in the field of energy, this concept not only points out the potential of the use and conservation of sustainable natural resources but also should act as a role model for other local regions of tourism at the same time.

Experience made in Austria and Switzerland shows big differences in the area of energy efficiency for tourism enterprises. Allthough many possibilities of rising the level of energy efficiency exist, a broad and consequent implementation in many individual enterprises is still missing. One Benchmark when comparing tourism enterprises could be the amount of energy costs of the turnover. A number of approx. 2 % is thereby recommended, wherby excisting technologies and financial incentives such as funds play an important role.

Regarding the content of this report the emphasis lies on creation of the concept of "Energiezentrale Alpendorf" which describes the theoretical realisation of this energy centre based on the following four steps: Analysis of the energy situation, regional resources, increase of energy efficiency and technologies for energy production. Finally, the report points out the urgent need for further research regarding energy relevant topics in the field of tourism.

Main part of the work within the project was the elaboration of potentials, which contribute to an increase of energy efficiency in tourism enterprises. Thus, detailed concepts for the topics, outer shell of buildings, electricity efficiency, heat distribution and energy management were worked out. A solution by way of a cross-enterprise network has been regarded as an essential starting point for a sustainable development. In this concept actual energy management models and their implementation as well associated experiences were considered.

The following results can be presented:

  • Instructions for the creation of the concept "Energiezentrale Alpendorf"
  • Energy situation of the Alpendorf hotels and general conclusions for the energy situation in comparable tourism enterprises.
  • Quantified overview of regional resources
  • Demonstration of general judicial and organisational regulations and their influence on the project and actions to rise the level of energy efficiency in tourism enterprises.
  • Main potentials for rising the level of energy efficiency, the creation of check lists for error prevention for outer building shells, electricity efficiency and heat distribution.
  • Description and examples of energy management solutions for tourism enterprises.
  • Analysis of technologies for tourism enterprises (cooling, solar thermal, heat recovery, combined heat and power plant)
  • Derivation of additional need of research
  • Knowledge transfer and public relations of the project results

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Dipl. Ing. Helmut Strasser
SIR - Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen
Alpenstraße 47, A-5020 Salzburg
Tel: +43 (662) 623455-26
Fax: +43 (662) 629915

Project partners

  • Österreichisches Ökologie-Institut (Werkvertragspartner)
  • SEEGEN Salzburger Erneuerbare Energie Genossenschaft (Werkvertragspartner)
  • Johannes Haas, Energie- und Umweltberater (Werkvertragspartner)