Multi-purpose apparatus for dedusting and ventilation of flue-gas from biomass-fired boilers

The multi-purpose apparatus is cheaper and requires less material and space. Less power consumption because of utilistion of the cyclone vortex in the induced draft fan.

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The project is a contribution to cover a specific development demand in the area of the energetic utilisation of biomass; it starts with the development of a multi-purpose component comprises the functions: de-dusting and conveying of flue gas from wood chip and pellet fired biomass boiler in the performance range of 180 to 500 kWth, provides erection and testing of a prototype and ends up in the production stage of the said component.

This multi-purpose component will replace the present combination of a cyclone and an induced draft fan in an already existing series of biomass boilers. The innovation consists not only in the combination of the two unit operations, but also in the utilisation of the vortex at the cyclone outlet, using a novel designed impeller. A 30 % reduction of power consumption of the fan is expected and helps - together with a significant reduction of space requirement, material demand and installation costs - to make biomass combustion more attractive.

The work packages: conception, simulation, construction, manufacturing, erection, monitoring, testing, redesign, analysis of cost effectiveness are carried out in cooperation between science and industry in a proven partnership. The short to medium term realisation of said technology with its high replication potential is targeted.

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Dr. Morteza Fesharaki

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  • TU Wien, Institut für Verfahrenstechnik, Umwelttechnik und techn. Biowissenschaften
    Arbeitsgruppe für fluiddynamische Simulation und thermische Verfahrenstechnik

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