Methodical optimisation of biogas plants based on strategic learning from realised plants and projects.

Methodical optimisation of biogas plants based on the preparation and presentation of affirmative experiences and mistakes from the realisation of plants in the past. Combination of experiences from different industrial sectors (designer of plants, assemblers, consulters and operators)

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Initial situation

The number of biogas plants in Austria increased rapidly during the last years. Normally every biogas plant operator constructs only one plant in his life time. Constructors and designers are installing a larger number of plants every year, but they have to deal with a quickly changing biogas market and enormous pressure of time.

Therefore learning effects from high numbers of biogas plants are marginal. With the concerted collection of experiences from numerous practitioners and experts as well as a compact summary of these valuable information a quick and strategic learning based on realised plants and projects should be enabled which will be provided to the whole biogas industry.

Contents and objectives

Within the project the weak points of realised biogas plants should be identified and summarised in a catalogue of mistakes. Based on these data a catalogue of countermeasures will be developed, where the approach for the prevention of these already appeared mistakes are described. This catalogue will be the combination of experiences from different industrial sectors (designer of plants, assemblers, consulters and plant operators). A comprehensive description of already appeared mistakes and the applied countermeasures should help to prevent these mistakes in future. With the integration of numerous practitioners (plant operators, desginers, assemblers, scientists and consultants) an expanded wealth of experience will be summarised. Every single contributive actor, as well as the whole biogas industry will benefit from that. As a result of the project an optimisation handbook will be available for all interested parties. Based on the optimisation handbook the quality of the Austrian biogas plants and the strategic learning from mistakes will increase.

Target group

Biogas plant designers, component distributors, project developers, biogas consultants, research institutes and biogas plant operators

Methodical approach

Experienced practitioners and experts will be invited and asked for their contribution to get a high-quality catalogue of mistakes, which can be used as a significant basis for the prevention and recognition of mistakes for existing as well as for future biogas plants. On the one hand face-to-face interviews, which will last about two hours, and on the other hand round tables for the discussion with practitioners and biogas experts are scheduled.

The collected data will be presented in a value-free and anonymous way. Only the mistakes will be registered, not the affected biogas plant, not the involved plant operator, plant designer or distributor. Furthermore it is not relevant who is responsible for the mistake.

Expected results

After finishing of the project a comprehensive optimisation handbook will be available. This handbook will include mistakes appeared at realised plants dealing with design, erection and operation of biogas plants and will describe succesful and meaningful countermeasures as well as optimisation suggestions.

The results will be available electronically as newsletter and download from different websites after finishing of the project.

Project Partners

Project management

Ing. Karl Puchas
Lokale Energie Agentur Oststeiermark

Project or cooperation partner

  • ARGE Kompost & Biogas
  • Universität für Bodenkultur Wien - IFA Tulln

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Lokale Energie Agentur Oststeiermark
Auersbach 130, 8330 Feldbach
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