Manual to realise initiatives for energy regions of tomorrow

Compilation of the manual to realise initiatives for energy regions of tomorrow; integrating the experiences generated in the winner projects, outcomes of representative energy-projects and the know-how of scientific works; distribution by multiplicators, realization of distribution activities

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The brochure of the competition "Energy regions of tomorrow" shows a lot of good-practice solutions. These good solutions were developed by an interplay of different factors, which are not shown in the brochure. It is the main focus of this project to bridge that gap.

Goals and method

In this project we will develop and distribute a manual "Success factors towards energy systems of tomorrow" based on practical experience for the realization of promising energy projects in regions. This manual shows the important factors for a good performance in realizing "energy systems of tomorrow" addressing the active regional players. Therefore we integrate the very important know-how of experiences generated in the winner projects, outcomes of representative energy-projects and the know-how of scientists in this working field.

The essential objects are:

  • Developing a practical manual (easy intelligible presentation and language, check-list, commentaries, stories and instruments, internet version and hard copy)
  • Distribution of the manual to the main regional promoters, so that the actors in regions get a direct access to it
  • Taking measures for distribution and communication of the main success-factors in different channels

Local and regional actors (representatives of communes, active players, net workers, regional institutions like energy agencies and so on) who want to promote energy as a main topic of regional development belong to the target group of this manual. Our project will distribute the manual by multiplicators in Austria.


Model 1: Inquiry of practical success factors: Interviews with project managers (awarded projects within "Energiesysteme der Zukunft" and other interesting energy-projects), aggregation to comprehensive and specific success factors

Modul 2: Validation of success factors: Comparing and validating the success-factors of the Modul 1 with scientific results and models

Modul 3: Compilation of the manual "Success factors towards energy systems of tomorrow": Compiling the main success factors in a clear structure embedding check-lists, stories, good practice examples and instruments

Modul 4: Communication of the manual: Developing a communication concept and setting distribution measures (distribute the manual to promoters, reports on conferences, placement on websites)

Benefit and results

Beside the technical know-how actors need to know how to realize these technical solutions successfully. That means, it is necessary to know what factors are important in planning and realizing, that all relevant people act in concert for the project, and also what risks and wattles can approach and how they can be managed or avoided. Therefore a systematical list of the success factors in this manual is an essential added value for those who realize energy projects. The distribution of the manual by promoters will guarantee a broad effect of our project results.

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Dr. Kurt Schauer
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