Energy system - Industrial region

Analysis of success factors, restrictions and risks on the development and implementation process caused by the system integration of renewable energy technology in industrial regions with higher energy demand.

Short Description

Energy-economic model systems in demonstration regions, which are in their set-up or in their conversion phase, usually develop according, to the program line, in regions with low industry.

The main goal of this project is to work out the crucial factors of risks and success for a long-term conversion of the energy system in regard to sustainable energy supply. The concentration of this basic study in content aims at the wise use of renewable sources of energy in regions with high share of industry. Therefore universally valid statements will be collected, which aim at the following questions:

  • Which conditions are favourable, in order to supply a region with higher share of industrial energy use on basis of renewable energy sources.
  • Are there (medium-term) restrictions, which prevent a complete substitution of fossil energy sources by renewables?

The developed factors of influence can be a substantial component of future decisions in energy policy.

The project structure is as follows:

  1. As-is analysis of the industrial region:
    Inquiry of supply, demand and transmission structure
    Research on general conditions of the regional energy system

  2. Analysis of the potential of the industrial region
    Inquiry of the factors of influence of existing and developing model regions
    Estimation of the potentials of regionally available renewable energy sources
    Listing of the possible technology lines
    Inquiry of the potential for efficiency improvement

  3. Development of the conversion factors
    Elaboration of an evaluation methodology
    Identifying factors of success and risks of the region in question and comparison with the factors of existing model regions Illustration of an "energy system-mix" in the form of scenarios

  4. General statements
    Evaluation of the general validity of the selected influence factors

The results at the end of the project are on the one hand an analysis of the factors of success and risks of existing and developing demonstration regions and on the other hand data of the regarded energy-intensive industrial region. In addition general statements concerning other industrial regions and their factors of influence are represented.

Project Partners

Project leader:
DI Dr. Manfred Tragner

Infrastrukturwirtschaft / Urban Technologies

Project partners:

  • Technisches Büro Theißing-Brauhart

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DI Dr. Manfred Tragner
FH JOANNEUM Kapfenberg
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Tel.: (+43 3862) 33600-6312
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