Economic chances of biogas supply for gas fuel stations in regions, which are not connected to the natural gas grid.

Examination of the economy of biogas supply for gas fuel stations in regions, which are not connected to the natural gas grid. Development of an economically attractive, technologically and cost-optimized biogas utility system for gas stations without connection to the natural gas grid.

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Aims of this project are considerations of the economically and ecologically optimized supply of gas fuel stations with biogas in regions, which do not have access to the public natural gas grid.

Goal of the project is, to develop an economically attractive supply system for these stations on the basis of biogas.

It is political aim of the Austrian Federal Government to force the usage of natural gas as fuel for traffic. In the governments convention of January 2007 it was declared, that the number of natural gas fuel stations in Austria should be increased from 51 stations at present (date: March 2007) up to 200 in the year 2010. The number of cars in Austria, operated with natural gas, should be increase from about 1000 at present up to approximately 50,000 in the same period of time.

For the public acceptance of natural gas vehicles it is important to have a covering supply with gas fuel stations whole over Austria. But some regions do not have access to the public gas grid. Therefore, gas stations within these regions have to be supplied either by gas pipelines or by trailer (truck) transport systems. In most cases, both supply options are ecologically and economically disadvantages. Because the conventional supply of these gas stations is expensive, a market niche for biogas supply arises. The transport of the regionally produced biogas would be cheaper. Thus, a share of the higher production costs of biogas compared to natural gas could be compensated. Such a local supply would be ecologically favourable, but would also increase the pubic acceptance of gas vehicles in those regions.

Research and development of different possibilities of the alternative supply of those gas stations with biogas is the core business of this project. Different options of supply - pipelines for raw biogas transport, compressed biogas trailer transport, etc. - will be examined and evaluated. These different options will also be evaluated in detail economically.

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Project management

DI Dr. Dieter Hornbachner
HEIc Hornbachner Energie Innovation Consulting GmbH

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  • Ing. Robert Adler, Dipl. Ing. Ekkehardt Klein
    ATZ Abteilung Erdgas, LINDE GAS GmbH.
    Erdbergerstrasse 197-199, A- 1030 Wien
  • Ing. Christian K. Gikopoulos
    HPC Austria GmbH
    Schlossplatz 13/ 1
    2361 Laxenburg
  • Dr. Ing. Ludwig Targyik-Kumer
    Ingenieurkonsulent für Technische Physik
    1070 Wien, Neustiftgasse 27

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Projektmanager DI Dr. Vitaliy Kryvoruchko
HEIc Hornbachner Energie Innovation Consulting GmbH
Ameisgasse 65, 1140 Wien
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