Construction of a local biogas grid in Güssing - Technical and economical concept for the implementation

Decentralized energy supply systems are a very important contribution for the use of regional potentials as these technical solutions are always fitted to specific conditions. Local biogas grids should complement already existing technologies and be analyzed accordingly.

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The energy supply of the city Güssing has already changed over to renewable resources. This model system is based on decentralized energy supply and is to be extended to the whole district of Güssing. By a mix of different technologies the energy supply shall be carried out as efficient as possible and it shall be adapted to the local conditions. Previous studies within this programme have already shown that biogas plants are very suitable for the local energy supply in a rural region, since there are agricultural products available. However, the studies also showed that the efficiency and the profitability of biogas plants is very limited if heat consumption at the site is not given. Therefore, the application of biogas plants and thereby the energy supply based on renewable resources is especially limited in rural, sparsely populated regions.

Hence, the aim of this project is to find possibilities in order to use the biogas technology in a more efficient way, also in rural regions. Due to the feed-in of biogas in a local gas grid, the biogas plants become more independent from factors as heat consumption and transport - that are crucial especially in peripheral regions - and the efficiency and profitability of biogas plants could be increased. By the use of surplus gas the efficiency of existing biogas plants could be increased as well.

In the course of the concept on hand, new alternatives for peripheral regions shall be developed, in order to be able to integrate local resources in the energy system. Thereby, added value can be achieved in the region. The practicability of a local biogas grid is investigated from a technical, economical and judicial point of view. The concurrence of the technic compontents was analysed. The calculations of the economic feasability and also the judicial feasibility of the local biogas grid are checked and now presented in this report. Additionally, a comparison of biogas grids and district heating grids had been carried out.

The investigation of a local biogas grid is carried out within four work packages: Besides the work package project management and public relations - which lasts for the whole project time of 18 months - in the first months of the project the technical feasibility of a local biogas grid was investigated. This analysis is done under the consideration of technical components, possible sections, quality requirements regarding biogas, availability and requirements regarding end-user units. In a further work package the profitability of a biogas grid is studied in the second third of the project. The profitability of a biogas grid in Güssing is investigated in general and will also be compared with the profitability of common district heating grids. Towards the end of the project judicial and socio-economical factors had been analysed as well.

At the end of the project essential components, section and quality requirements as well as requirements regarding end-user units for local biogas grids can be considered as results on hand. Conclusions regarding profitability of biogas grids as well as a comparison with the profitability of district heating grids are also available. Relevant guidelines and future developments, possible structures for the operation and synergetic effects are also results of the project. At last a concrete example for a local biogas grid in Güssing for the extension of the existing energy system is a result of the project.

A local biogas grid in Güssing would not only result in advantages regarding the supply of peripheral regions. The provision of energy infrastructure is crucial for the settlement of companies. But the extension of the local district heating grid often involves high costs and energy losses. Thus, by a local biogas grid the site development of new companies could be carried out comparatively cheap and efficient.

Moreover, by the use of agricultural resources in biogas plants jobs in the area of agriculture could be safeguarded which would also result in a contribution to the creation of added value in the region and the conservation of landscape.

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  • Güssinger Fernwärme GmbH
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  • Europäisches Zentrum für Erneuerbare Energie Güssing GmbH
  • RENET Kompetenzkn. Güssing Forschungsinstitut für ern. Energie GmbH

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