The Use of wind energy in skiing regions - Evaluation of the consume of electricity and dissemination of the results of the analysis

Main goals of the project are the analysis of the location Salzstiegl concerning the coverage of their own electricity needs with an already existent windmill as well as a following dissemination of the outcome of the analysis in form of a workshop for all ski lift carriers of Austria.

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According to CO2 and energy policy in Austria the use of wind energy is also important in alpine regions under consideration of the ecological criteria.

Generally the occurance of wind rises depending on a change of the sea level.

The main topic of the project is the analysis of the windmill in the skiing region Salzstiegl, location Rosseben, which was built in september 2007. The type of the windmill is Leitwind LTW 77 with a capacity of 1.500 kW, a rotor diameter of 77 m and a hub height of 65 m. The wind power station is operated by the local skiing region carrier. The generated energy is then used for the own needed electricity of the whole skiing area. Energetical surplus is beeing injected to the public electricity network.

In the future an water reservoir is planned not far away from the windmill. Energetical surplus will then be used for pumps which will pump water into the water reservoir.

The project is aimed to show:

  • if the windmill is able to produce enough energy to cover the electricity need of the skiing region,
  • if the measures, especially the ice warning system IGUS, are adequate, which effects icing will have on the supply of energy
  • and the attitude of the tourists towards the windmill.

A workshop for all ski lift carriers as well as a publication are meant to spread the findings of the study.

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DI (FH) Otmar Frühwald
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  • Landesenergieverein Steiermark
  • Leitner AG

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