Energy-self-sufficient district Güssing

Development of a concept that shows the possibility of changing the energy supply of a district from fossil to 100% renewable energy carrier

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Starting position for the project is the already existing model "Energy-self-sufficient city Güssing". The city provides its heat, power and fuel demand from renewably energy carriers from the region. Since in the meantime this model has become a model of success, its extension is the logical next step.

Therefore, the aim of the project "Energy-self-sufficient district Güssing" is to develop a concept that shows the possibility of changing the energy supply of a district from fossil to 100% renewable energy carrier.

In order to show possibilities of an independent energy supply of a region, it is required to know its energy demand, as well as the distribution of this demand within the region and the individual sectors. A major issue for and independent energy supply is the availability of the area required for the supply of resources. Based on the balances of the area it was determined whether and to what extent the coverage of the energy demand is possible. This was done on the level of the communities. The sum of balances of the area of all communities resulted in a balance of the area of the whole region.

Hence, an analysis of the energy demand of the district Güssing considering the energy carriers used at present was carried out and the current state of renewable energy carriers used in existing local heating systems was surveyed. An analysis of the potential for energy saving was carried out and the renewable resources of the region were surveyed. Those surveys and investigations were carried out on the level of communities respectively villages. Based on that, technical possibilities and scenarios for the energy supply of the district Güssing were elaborated and the saving potential of CO2-emissions was calculated. In order to assure an efficient biomass supply, alternatives for logistics in the district were elaborated, and basic conditions for the implementation investigated.

Concerning public relations synergetic effects were pointed out and presented. The most important target groups regarding a later implementation of the "Energy-self-sufficient district Güssing" were the communities of the district.

The most important result of the project is to show that a self-sufficient energy supply of a district is in principle possible. It can furthermore be an important impulse for decision makers and is especially important, since appropriate basic conditions are a crucial criterion for the implementation of the "Energy-self-sufficient district Güssing".

Project Partners


Ing. Reinhard Koch
Europäisches Zentrum für Erneuerbare Energie Güssing GmbH


  • REPOTEC (Werkvertragspartner)
  • Renet GmbH (Werkvertragspartner)
  • Solar Projects GmbH (Werkvertragspartner)
  • IN.TE.MA Ingenieurbüro Fercher OEG (Werkvertragspartner)

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