Workshop: CO2 Capture and Sequestration (CCS) in Future International R & D Programmes

17. Nov 2004
WKO - Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, Rudolf Sallinger Saal
Vienna, AT

Initiation of a discussion process concerning the role of CCS in future RTD programmes in general and the presentation of realised (and/or planned) projects in particular as well as challenges of the deployment of CCS technologies.

Content Description

Zero Emission Technologies (ZET) in combination with carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) received in the last years major attention as future green house gas mitigation technology in several international R&D positions, programmes, and projects.

Up to now industrial CCS projects were mainly realised in oil/gas exporting countries either in order to enhance oil and gas recoveries (EOR and EGR) or to achieve the necessary gas export qualities (f. ex. in case of the Sleipner project). The deployment of CCS as CO2 mitigation technology is still in the RTD phase involving significant public RTD funds.

Energysystems of Tomorrow is an R&D-Programme of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) in the field of Sustainable Energy and is part of the Austrian Programme on Technologies for Sustainable Development. The programme focuses on medium to short term developments. However, it also supports the ongoing discussion process about topics of strategic interest, even within a longer time horizon.

The goal of this workshop is the initiation of a discussion process concerning the role of CCS in future RTD programmes in general and the presentation of realised (and/or planned) projects in particular. Special focus is also given to the challenges of the deployment of CCS technologies (like safety aspects and long-term monitoring) and for the economic implementation in competitive markets.


SESSION 1 International RTD Programmes and Activities
Chair: Theodor Zillner (BMVIT, Austria)
Eduard Mainoni (State Secretary, BMVIT, Austria)
Fritz Unterpertinger (E.V.A., the Austrian Energy Agency)
PDF Dokument
CO2 Capture and Sequestration in the context of further international RTD programmes
Jacek Podkanski (IEA - International Energy Agency)
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CO2 RTD capture and sequestration activities within the European Commission
Ángel Perez Sainz (DG RESEARCH, European Commission)
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COORETEC: Research and Development for Zero-Emission fossil-fuelled power plants
Thomas Rüggeberg (BMWA, Germany)
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CO2 R&D capture and sequestration activities from the IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme
John Topper (IEA Environmental Projects Ltd (IEA EPL), United Kingdom)
  Questions and Answers (Q&A)
  Lunch Buffet
SESSION 2 Projects & Activities
Chair (Gerald Vones, BMWA)
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CO2 Sinks in Oil/Gas Fields and Aquifers: Technologies, Challenges and Potentials (key-note lecture)
Zoltán Heinemann (University of Leoben, Austria)
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Assessing European Potential for Geological Storage of CO2 - the GESTCO project
Franz May (Bundesanstalt für Geowissenschaften und Rohstoffe BGR, Germany)
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CO2 Sub-Surface Risk Management & Mitigation
Kamel Bennaceur (Schlumberger)
  Questions and Answers (Q&A)
  Coffee Break
Chair Michael Hübner (BMVIT, Austria)
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CO2 Capture and Storage: A Promising Technology
Laura Atkins (OPEC)
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Results of the CO2 Capture Project
Helen Kerr (BP, United Kingdom)
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The "CASTOR" - Project and the CO2 Sequestration Activities of RAG
Torston Clemens (RAG, Austria)
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CO2 Capturing and Sequestration: An Emerging Business Opportunity?
Gerhard Nocker (OMV Austria E&P)
  Questions and Answers (Q&A)
PDF Dokument
Günter Simader (E.V.A. - the Austrian Energy Agency)


Proceedings: CO2 Capture and Sequestration In Future International R&D Programmes

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