Industrial Workshop: SHIP 2015 - Solar Heat for Industrial Processes day

15. September 2015
125 bis Avenue de Palavas
Montpellier, FR

The event will give the floor to international experts and industrial players having deep knowledge and experience in dealing with solar heat and industrial processes. They will provide the final outcomes of their intensive work undertaken within the IEA-SHC Task 49.

Content Description

The process industry consumes large quantities of heat. Its competitiveness is essential to offer attractive products to its customers who pay more and more attention to the social and environmental impact of their daily activities.

As a consequence, the industry is pushed to do better in both economic and environmental aspects. Solar heat is intended to meet this challenge by combining efficient technologies with an inexhaustible source of energy. Solar heat is a practical and reliable solution enabling production facilities to increase their competitiveness and sustainability.

The Solar Heat for Industrial Processes day (SHIP 2015) is the International Energy Agency event fully dedicated to this topic.

The SHIP 2015 program has been conceived in order to provide process industries with directly applicable information, especially experience feedback from operating commercial projects as well as technical data documentation. To increase the value of your day, the organizers decided to gather at the same place the key people, companies and competences for your solar heat project from A to Z, bringing technical expertise and funding solutions.

This is also a great opportunity to network with the experts from the Task 49, solar technology providers as well as developers with investment capacity. All the competences and success keys for your projects.


Target Audience

  • industrial, production, energy and sustainability managers within the process industries (agro food, paper, chemistry, textile, leather, metal treatment, etc.)
  • industry associations
  • production lines
  • machinery providers
  • energy consultants

Participant Information

Registration fee: 110 EUR excl. of taxes (132 € incl. taxes) per attendee.


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