21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

3. - 7. Juni 2013
Copenhagen, DK

The European Biomass Conference has been initiated on 1980 with the aim to "bring togheter biomass experts from many countries, to provide a good pictures of the most recent advances in research, development and application of biomass technologies for energy production"


Biomass resources

  • Biomass potentials and biomass mobilisation
  • Biomass feedstock, residues and by-products
  • Energy crops and energy grasses
  • Short rotation forestry and short rotation coppice
  • Algae production systems

R&D on biomass conversion technologies for heating, electricity and chemicals

  • Solid biofuel combustion for small and medium scale applications
  • Solid biofuel combustion in large utilities
  • Gasification for power, CHP and polygeneration
  • Gasification for synthesis gas production
  • Pyrolysis and other biomass liquefaction technologies
  • Anaerobic digestion for biogas production
  • Biorefineries

R&D on processes for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels from biomass

  • Production and supply of solid biofuels
  • Advanced solid biofuels
  • Oil-based biofuels
  • Production and supply of biomethane
  • Bioethanol production and sugar release from lignocellulosic biomass
  • Biofuel production from synthesis gas

Industrial demonstration and business concepts

  • Biofuels utilisation for heating and cooling
  • Biofuels utilisation for power generation
  • Biofuels for transport
  • Industrial biorefineries and bio-products

Biomass policies, markets and sustainability

  • Markets, Investments & Financing
  • Sustainability assessment and criteria
  • Environmental impacts of bioenergy
  • Policies for cooperation & training
  • Resource efficient bioeconomy
  • Biomass strategies and policies

Participant Information

Detailed information on participation and registration is available on the conferenc's website.

Contact Address

General questions

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E-mail: biomass.conference@etaflorence.it


Maddalena Grassi
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