P³Power - Plug&Play Storage of Photovoltaic Power

The core of the project P³Power is the measurement technology NetDetection, which is able to detect the power consumption of a household from any point, e.g. a regular wall socket. Based on this technology a plug&play powerplant, consisting of photovoltaics and battery pack, is realized. The system is able to guarantee 100% self-consumption within flexible aggregates (from single households to whole communes) without any changes of existing infrastructure. The measurement technology will be implemented into digital hardware, evaluated comprehensively in lab and household environment and subsequently new energy service business models are developed.

Short Description



Starting point / motivation

The project leader E²T - Efficient Energy Technology GmbH is a start up in the area of decentralized electricity production and storage. The core technology is a patented measurement technology (working title NetDetection System) that is able to detect and quantify the power consumption within a household (of one phase Lx) from any measurement point, most likely a regular Schuko socket.

Based on this technology plug&play storage systems that can be installed by simply plugging it in can be realized. The system will be able to realize 100% electricity consumption within an aggregation of households in the simplest possible way, independent of the size of the aggregation.

Decentralized storage of electricity is a keystone of the energy transition. This circumstance in combination with the decreasing price trend of secondary battery cells, yields in a highly interesting market potential.

Today's systems are usually installed by specialized personnel through the power supply box. The installation is associated with certain costs, which are the reason why storage systems are only available in bigger scales.

Contents and goals

The measurement technology NetDetection eliminates these costs completely. Decentralized electricity production (via photovoltaics) and electricity storage of any size will be economical viable. For the first time, existing households in urban areas will be able to participate actively in the energy transition.


Within the project the measurement technology will be developed from lab scale to readiness to market. It will be tested comprehensively within the cluster of the Energy Living Labs Austria. The critical keystone is the digitalization of the hardware components as well as the evaluation algorithm of the measurement signal.

Expected results

The complete hardware and evaluation has to be implemented in components with total costs of approx. €20. The cost goal is necessary in order to enable scalability of the technology. Based on the technology and the crosslinking of multiple systems, technology-service-offers that maximize the utility for the consumer will be developed.

Project Partners

Project management

E²T – Efficient Energy Technology GmBH

Project or cooperation partners

  • Graz University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology
  • Avantsmart e. U.
  • Montanuniversität Leoben, Chair of Energy Network Technology

Contact Address

Dr. Christoph Grimmer, E²T – Efficient Energy Technology GmbH
Peterstalstraße 18/3
A-8042 Graz
Tel.: +43 664 2556272
E-Mail: christoph@e2t.at
Web: www.e2t.at