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Smart Grids - Showcase Region Salzburg
Integrated Infrastructure in Salzburg

The development of smart grids in the engineering sense involves automating energy supply infrastructure to a greater extent: this applies particularly to the distribution networks and to integrating end users' energy-consuming equipment into the energy supply industry's management and monitoring systems. Going further, implementing smart grids means extensively restructuring the electricity supply system, which will affect each and every stakeholder. In this sense smart grids are a prerequisite for the politically mandated strategy of making more use of renewable energy. The showcase region of Salzburg can pioneer the way for other parts of Austria, and speed up the development of smart grids and the associated market segments in Austria.

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Smart Grids Showcase Region: Salzburg

Integratred Infrastructure in Salzburg
Forschungsforum 2/2010 Herausgeber: bmvit
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