IEA ISGAN Annex 5: Smart Grids International Research Facility Network (SIRFN)

The Smart Grids International Research Facility Network (SIRFN) aims at improving the implementation of Smart Grids technologies by collaboration between smart grid testing facilities, test beds, and large-scale demonstrations. By active participation, Austria’s position and leading role on the forefront of international Smart Grids development will be strengthened.

Short Description

The international network of Smart Grids research facilities and test beds (SIRFN), which is organized as independent project under the umbrella of IEA-ISGAN gives participating countries the ability to evaluate pre-competitive technologies and systems approaches in a wide range of Smart Grid implementation use cases using common testing procedures.

Smart Grids research facilities are selected based on their complementary capabilities to conduct specialized, controlled laboratory evaluations of integrated smart grid technologies including cyber security, plug-in hybrid integration, load management, automated metering infrastructure, protection, network sensing, energy management, renewable energy integration and similar applications. In this way, research within each individual member country will derive the value of the unique capabilities and environments of the other partner nations. Data from these tests will be made available to all SIRFN participants to accelerate the development of smart grid technologies and systems, and enabling policies.

Austria has committed itself to actively participate in the network and will contribute focusing on the national targets and research strategy. The benefits from the participation in SIRFN will include:

  • Active shaping and coordinated development of the national Smart Grids research infrastructure
  • Direct access to latest research results, experiences and findings of leading international research infrastructures, which supports the national implementation of smart grids technologies
  • Optimized use of available resources by avoiding of duplications and sharing of tasks in joint projects
  • Development of common innovative concepts, measurement and test procedures for smart grids components and system technologies
  • Implementation of Best Practises and positioning of Austria on the forefront of international smart grids research
  • Direct access to a world-wide network of leading research laboratories and exchange of experiences between experts

The continued participation in SIRFN enables the networking among international smart grids research infrastructures and allows Austria to efficiently implement smart grids technologies on the national level.


Publications are available on the website of IEA ISGAN Annex 5.


Austria, Canada, Denmark, European Commission, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, India, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Netherlands, Spain, USA

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