IEA 4E EDNA: Tasks „Policies for Connected Devices“ and “Total Energy Model for Connected Devices”

The goal is the active participation and representation of the Austrian position and interests in EDNA as well as exchange with and dissemination of results. Austria will contribute to Tasks C “Policies for Connected Devices”, and lead Task D “Total Energy Model”. In addition, Austria also participates and contributes to the “Centre of Excellence”, as well as to the project “Basket of products testing”.

Short Description

The Electronic Devices and Network Annex - EDNA investigates the energy consumption of connected devices, as well as the potentials and barriers for the dissemination of energy efficient products. The aim is to help policy makers in designing regulations for energy efficient network connected devices.

In this period EDNA will work on Task Package C „Policies for Connected Devices", which is covering three themes on policies for connected devices:

  • First is the examination of policies for encouraging smart readiness of consumer devices, which are "ready" to participate in demand response and intelligent efficiency initiatives.
  • The topic "Devices for Demand Flexibility" focuses on the development of a roadmap to ensure that the majority of consumer devices are able to participate in advanced demand response initiatives.
  • The last topic focuses on the examination of national, regional and sector strategies for digitalisation and "Internet of Things" (IoT) and recommendations for integrating energy efficiency into such strategies.

Another important research domain of EDNA is Task Package D "Total Energy Modelling", which explores aspects of network connectivity for a selection of products, especially video streaming.

Data from the current EDNA project "Basket of products testing" will be integrated into this modelling to estimate the range of global energy use. This task will evaluate policy options based on the results of the modelling. Austria is Task leader and brings its experience from previous EDNA work on testing of video streaming, and from the assessment of energy consumption of smart metering and energy monitoring systems.

EDNA is preparing a new challenge for the industry called "Network Zero Innovation Challenge". A Network Zero Device is a connected device that does not require power for supplying the standby mode of its network connection.

The vision is that by 2030 all connected devices sold will be "Network Zero". Various aspects still need to be explored, e.g., the ability of devices to operate "Network Zero" depending on the product category as well as on a number of other factors. A preliminary study will examine these issues and identify possible obstacles to achieving this vision.

The second term of EDNA is important to deepen all this new and complex work, and to continue the engagement with industry stakeholders.


Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Japan, Republic of Korea, Netherland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America

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Dr. Adriana Díaz Triana
ECODESIGN company GmbH
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